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Empowering people to feel their best, in all phases of life.

April weaves powerful healing from her background in massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, and lactation consulting as well as deep knowledge of trauma resolution, body-mind reconnection, whole-person health, optimal pregnancy, birth and postpartum health, the science and art of birthing, and how to work with the root causes of newborn and baby issues including torticollis, feeding, crying, gassiness, colic, stress, and sleeplessness.​



Drawing on elements of Whole-Person Listening, Craniosacral and Somatoemotional Release therapeutic techniques, trauma resolution, personalized postural adjustments, suggestions for deep self-care, body-spirit reconnection, guided meditation, wellness and nutrition, April deftly and kindly creates a 100% personalized opportunity for immediate and lasting healing of your body, mind, and spirit.



Tiny Feet

With over 20+ years of experience with newborns and infants, April has a highly specialized way of supporting you and your little one in their most vulnerable developmental years.  Services include lip/tongue tie intake and release, lactation consultation and her signature session, babyCalm, offering your baby relief from traumatic birth experiences, feeding and sleep issues and more.


Pregnant Woman

April has a unique perspective on birth, having trained as a midwife in both home and hospital settings. She has practiced as a CPM in home birth settings and has decades of experience as a doula.  She supports her clients with prenatal care and decision making, nutrition and fetal positioning.

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Emily D.

"April is so easy to talk to and makes sure that you are completely comfortable throughout your experience. As someone who had never experienced this type of work before, I was nervous and unsure what to really expect. April was welcoming and kind, recognized my 'problem areas' without me having to speak up, and gave me helpful advice on how better to care for my body. 100% amazing experience. Thank you, April!"
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