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You Are Not Alone
on This Journey
There is so much information available these days, it's hard to know what information to trust.

That's where I come in.  I have a Masters in Midwifery, am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, have taught masters-level nutrition and lactation for over fifteen years, and have twenty years of experience helping people from newborn to elderly.

The following resources are available at any time to help you on your journey.
​If you've ever wanted to meditate, but thought it was too hard or too time-consuming, this is the quickest, most immediately impactful method to establish your meditation practice. ​​

If your baby has a hard time settling... if your baby cannot be put down for more than a few minutes without losing it... If your baby sleeps fitfully unless they are being held... Open your mind to new ways to connect with your baby. Open your heart to feeling more, sharing more, and laying a solid foundation for your baby to be more connected, more secure, and more at peace.

Two-Minute Meditation Method
babyCALM Method

April is the founder and creator of the Birth With Spirit Doula Certification Program - a totally new approach to providing pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. BWS Doulas work with each individual exactly where they are by being radically present and practicing Whole Person ListeningTM. This is the groundwork for providing Quantum Care—a collaborative, whole-person approach to walking with a person through a process rather than directing or leading. This approach creates opportunity for each person to find strength they may not have even known they had; experience pregnancy, birth and postpartum not just as a physical activity—but a meaningful and rich whole-person experience; and encourages deeper relationship with themselves, their loved ones, and their babies.

How to Encourage Deep Mother/Baby Bonds

In this 56-minute online video, April dives deep into the essential ties that bond mother and baby from conception throughout pregnancy, birth and on into the postpartum.


Perfect for parents as well as birth professionals, this informative video explores both the scientific and energetic specifics that impact the mother/baby bond in both the positive and the negative.


After viewing this video, you will:

- Understand the importance of undisturbed physiological processes, particularly hormone production

- How to determine what constitutes an intervention

- How to discern well-bonded versus poorly-bonded

- What is meant by "the energetic body"

- How to work with the energetic body

- Specific tools and techniques that encourage strong bonding

- How to be present and grounded

- Specific interaction protocols that encourage bonding for both parents and practitioners

Understanding the Impact of Tongue, Lip and Buccal Ties

Dr. Greg Notestine, DDS, is one of the pioneers in the field of lip and tongue-tie (TOTs - Tethered Oral Tissues) and the issues that can come along with them.


A must  for parents as well as birth professionals, this informative webinar explores the probable causes of, complications associated with, and options for treatment of tongue and lip-tie.


After viewing this training, you will:

- Know all the signs and symptoms of TOTs (lip and tongue-tie)

- Understand the importance of accurate diagnosis of this often-missed or misdiagnosed issue

- Be able to list all of the problems that can come along with TOTs

- Know how to rule out or confirm confounding factors

- Have the knowledge and language to communicate well with lactation, medical and dental professionals about TOTs

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