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It's great to meet you! I'm an IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Midwife, whole nutrition consultant, Emotional Release Therapist, and I would love to be a trusted guide on your path to your very best life.

I am specially trained in trauma resolution, body-mind reconnection, whole-person health, hormone balancing and gut restoration, healing relationships with food, optimal pregnancy, birth and postpartum health, birth coaching, and newborn and baby care including feeding, crying, colic, stress, and sleep issues.

Over twenty years of working with people of all ages, from newborn to elderly, has taught me that the quickest way to shift unhealthy patterns and experience new freedom, is to work with someone who can hold space for you as you dig down to the "root" of the problem...someone who can truly "see" you in that dark and vulnerable place.  And then help you voice your hopes and dreams, and offer actionable tools to help you make those hopes and dreams a reality.

This is my favorite work to do with people...and it doesn't matter if it is around health issues, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, baby feeding, interpersonal relationships, old trauma...there is always a way to improve your situation and move closer to your hopes and dreams.

The belief that guides all of this powerful work is that no one is too damaged to heal.  In fact, I believe that everyone has the potential to live a healthy, fulfilling, deliciously alive life.

April Kline was born in South Dakota, raised in Kansas, went to high school and college in Ohio, spent 20 years in New York City, and now resides in Dayton. She has been many things, including a professional musician, a fashion forecaster, a graphic designer, a midwife and a massage therapist. Now, she has woven together all of these seemingly disparate skills to help people of all ages find the unique voice that emanates from the juncture where body, mind and spirit meet. April's favorite thing about this work is that it continually presents a new challenge and a new opportunity for transformation.


Nourish by April Kline is a 100% VIRTUAL, easy-to-follow, personally guided 28-day program.


We dive into deliciously deep work that allows complete healing of your gut, eases your hormones back into balance, and soothes systemic inflammation, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and more vibrant than you have in years.

Nicole D.

I felt completely seen and safe with my husband right in it with me, and with April as our trusted guide. April was fully present and loving, and also knew the nitty gritty—like where our baby was and what we needed to do to help her navigate a tight spot. She was invaluable prenatally, throughout the birth, and with  baby care and lactation help—the perfect mix of head and heart. I wouldn't ever want to go through this process again without her.

Nadia C.

I have tried everything, and I domean everything—read every book, tried every program, worked with world-renowned teachers—and nothing catapulted me fasterinto a lasting sense of wonderand joy and purpose in my life than my handful of sessions with April!

Bayli M.

As a new mama facing unique feeding challenges with my baby girl, by the time I made it to April I was weary, in so much pain, and hanging on by a thread. April met me in the midst of that pain, and while giving me tools to help my daughter and I cultivate a breastfeeding plan that was best for our unique situation, I’ll never forget how much it meant for her to sit WITH me in that pain.I’ve gleaned so much from April and, while I will forever cherish the knowledge she was kind enough to bestow upon me, I cherish even more how much it meant to have someone cheering me on through the toughest of days. I cannot recommend her enough.
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