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This one won't gather dust on your bookshelf!

You’ve had it! You’ve tried it all—New Year’s Resolutions, complete diet overhauls, life transformation
programs—but none of that has gotten you where you want to go.

Forget everything you’ve ever known about making big, positive shifts in your life—there is a sweeter and simpler way.

Whether you want to be happier, manifest more money, enjoy small moments more fully, heal your relationship with your body, or finally let go of old, energy-depleting trauma, Small Changes . Profound Results is your toolkit.

In her TEDx Talk, Find Your Voice, April Kline explored the idea that we make fundamental change much more difficult than it needs to be. In Small Changes. Profound Results, she offers the reader 25 small, applicable tools that can create dramatic shifts.

Grounded in her own multi-disciplined education and life experience, and enriched with over twenty years of teaching and working with clients one-on-one, this book is a collection of April’s favorite tools to help you get the biggest return for the smallest investment.

April Kline is an author, midwife, workshop leader, and intuitive bodyworker specializing in trauma resolution, somatic integration, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborns.

The belief that guides all of her work is that no one is too damaged to heal, and that, in fact, everyone has the potential to live a healthy, fulfilling, deliciously alive life.

April is also the founder and creator of the Birth With Spirit Doula Certification Program ( that trains individuals how to assist birthing people with grounded,
whole-person support.

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