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Wellness for Pregnancy

Whole Person
Prenatal Session

"Working with April prenatally—what can I say? It is the most amazing combination of standing in front of a fire hose of information, at the same time that it's like sitting in your comfiest clothes with your closest friend who just knows everything about you and wants only the best for you."

- Janelle

We will work together to root out any fears or concerns, help you feel more informed, relaxed and vibrantly healthy throughout your pregnancy.  We will discuss what your body and your baby truly need from your nutrition, optimal fetal positioning, your birth plan, relaxation/coping techniques, your partner's involvement, how to stack the cards in favor to have the birth you want, and how to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for one of the biggest not-all-in-your-control events of your life.

A perfectly individualized session
for you and your baby.

Nutrition Consult for
the Childbearing Year

In this personalized consultation, we dive deep into your history, take stock of your current circumstances and symptoms, frustrations and goals.


Utilizing tools of Whole Person Listening, a deep understanding of how the body works pre-conception, while pregnant, birthing, and postpartum, along with evidence-based nutrition, April gently and effectively guides you into the healthiest expression of yourself.

"I felt better pregnant than I had ever felt in my entire life. Forever grateful I  followed my friend's advice and reached out to April early in my pregnancy."


Prenatal Bodywork

Prenatal massages can be lovely for relaxation, rehydrating stretching skin, and a moment to connect with your baby. But if you find yourself needing something more—if you are dealing with chronic low back pain, round ligament pain, pubic bone pain, swelling, high blood pressure, fears or anxiety, trouble sleeping, baby in unpleasant or concerning position, etc., please know that none of these things are normal. Common, for sure. But, not normal.

We can work together with hands-on techniques learned from over twenty years of working with pregnant and birthing people, to help you feel great throughout your pregnancy.

Optimal Fetal Positioning

April combines formal massage therapy skills along with 20+ years of experience as a midwife to help pregnant people find more comfort during pregnancy, relieve tension and prepare for birth. A deep knowledge and intuition about how babies occupy space in the uterus, and how pregnant bodies adapt and accommodate, allows April to release maternal ligaments and muscles to create the most space, and then gently invite the baby to settle into their optimal birthing position.

If you are looking for support during pregnancy and/or birth, please setup a free 15 minute consultation with our Birth With Spirit Doula Agency to see if we are a good fit.

"I had so much back pain with both pregnancies and after one session with April, I felt like a new woman. I could sit, stand, and (finally!) sleep with no discomfort. She also does "regular" bodywork, as well as Reiki and baby massage. Lest you think baby massage is a joke, it's been proven to help relieve colic symptoms. A gift certificate is an awesome idea for Mother's Day or a baby shower!"

- Kristin F.

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