We Are All In This Together

We are facing an unprecedented time.

Over 20 years of personal and professional

experience and training have perfectly prepared me

to help you not just survive this moment, but even

I can hold your hand as we work together to:

build and support your body's natural immune system

share actionable techniques to help you manage stress,
  fear and anxiety

find meaning in situations that feel overwhelming and
  out of control

teach your children simple and effective tools to help
  them navigate this new reality

As faculty at an online college for twelve years, and an educator and coach for more than twenty years, I am uniquely positioned to support you right here, right now.

In one hour, we will dive deep so you walk away with simple, impactful tools that will leave you feeling calmer, more in control, and more hopeful.

Remote sessions available.

find ways to thrive in this moment.

Are You Pregnant and In Need of Support and Information?

If you are pregnant right now and need support, a reliable source of unbiased, evidence-based information, or to be connected to resources, I am here to help!


Are you concerned about where you are planning to give birth with the increased restrictions
  and chances of infection caused by the global pandemic?

Are you worried you won't be able to have the people you need to have with you since most
  hospitals are restricting to one or even no support people?

Are you afraid that you and your baby will be separated after birth?

Do you need a virtual support person in the room with you while you give birth?

Would you like to explore all of the options for where you can give birth?

Do you need support, evidence-based information, and specific tools to resolve breastfeeding
  or other baby-related issues?


  Text April at 845-282-0177

  or book a remote session now.

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