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babyCALM Method

April developed this tried-and-true method from over a decade's worth of experience with babies from newborn to toddler-aged.


Based in mind-body and vagal response techniques, babyCALM has a proven track record of:

- reducing crying

- helping to ease torticollis and other structural and muscular pain

- assisting with breastfeeding

- reducing gastrointestinal discomfort

- reducing or eliminating symptoms of colic, acid reflux, excessive gas/burping

- increasing length of calm, alert happy times

- decreasing distress in car seat

- facilitating deeper parent/baby bonding

- activating a healthy nervous system response (helps reset fight-or-flight/trauma

- successful trouble-shooting root causes of many common baby issues

easy-to-follow method   |   immediately impactful  |  see a calmer, happier baby

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