* Wearable Prayers are powerful tools for transformation and grounding, as well as beautiful, bespoke jewelry.
* Many hours of prayer, meditation, positive energy and love go into making each Wearable Prayer.
There are two ways you can invite Wearable Prayers into your life:
1. Create a Custom One-of-a-Kind Wearable Prayer

You are not like every other person out there. You have worked hard to be where you are now. But you also feel a deep sense of longing, a belief that you are full of untapped potential just waiting to be realized.


A custom-created Wearable Prayer is one of the most powerful, beautiful and personal tools that can help you ground in and rise up! You will find your Wearable Prayer to be a strong ally and comforting friend, helping to accelerate and deepen your journey.


Perhaps you have a specific vision for your Wearable Prayer. Maybe you have a shell or bead or other object with meaning to you that you would like to incorporate. Is there a physical memory of a loved one or remembrance of a life-changing event that you would like to weave into your mala?  Or maybe you are excited to have April channel your beautiful piece just for you. Either way, your Wearable Prayer will be all yours - from the first whisper of an idea, to the first time you hold it in your hands. It is my great pleasure to work with you each step of the way.

2. Attend or Host a Wearable Prayers Make & Take Event

Creating in community is another powerful way to breathe your Wearable Prayer into being. Find out when the next Wearable Prayer Make & Take Event is happening here.


OR host your own event with friends and family. April will bring everything you need, as well as provide powerful intuitive guidance for each guest in the creation of their own Wearable Prayer.

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