April Kline is an author, speaker, educator, midwife, and intuitive healer.

She specializes in inspiring self love to navigate personal change and nurture freedom and progress.

April is specially trained in trauma resolution; body-mind reconnection; whole-person health; optimal pregnancy, birth and postpartum health; birthing coach; and newborn and baby care including feeding, crying, colic, stress, and sleeplessness issues.

The belief that guides all of April's powerful work is that no one is too damaged to heal, and that, in fact, everyone has the potential to live a healthy, fulfilling, deliciously alive life.

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Birth With Spirit Doula Certification Training

April is the founder and creator of the Birth With Spirit Doula Certification Program - a totally new approach to providing pregnancy, birth and postpartum support. BWS Doulas work with each individual exactly where they are by being radically present and practicing Whole Person ListeningTM. This is the groundwork for providing Quantum Care - a collaborative, whole-person approach to walking with a person through a process rather than directing or leading.  and Nourish  that trains individuals how to assist birthing people with grounded, whole-person (Quantum) support.

NOURISH by April Kline

April launched Nourish by April Kline, a 100% VIRTUAL, easy-to-follow, personally guided 28-day program, you will be diving into deliciously deep work that has every potential of helping to heal your gut, ease your hormones back into balance, and soothe systemic inflammation and all of the unpleasant symptoms that come with that.

Small Changes . Profound Results

In 2019, April released her first book, giving readers 25 small, achievable changes to implement in their own lives to inspire self love and experience profound results.

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What people are saying:

April doesn't just listen—she somehow listens into the deepest parts of you and gently pulls out and helps you piece together all those bits of yourself that you have been avoiding or that you didn't even know existed. I have never felt so SEEN and listened to as in my sessions with April.
     – Lindsay P.

After leaving April's office, the whole day was a completely different day than our normal. Our baby boy was quiet in his car seat the whole way home and was very pleasant. He didn’t nap much that day, but was awake and smiling. No outbursts until the evening, but we did April's trick of a heated rice sock and skin to skin, and he calmed right down!
     – Molly Watkins

April is so easy to talk to and makes sure that you are completely comfortable throughout your experience. As someone who had never experienced this type of work before, I was nervous and unsure what to really expect.


April was welcoming and kind, recognized my "problem areas" without me having to speak up, utilized Craniosacral and SomatoEmotional Release techniques, and gave me helpful advice on how better to care for my body. 100% amazing experience. Thank you, April!
– Emily Danner

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